Who are We?

We are a bunch of passionate web + graphic designers and IT enthusiasts  that has been in this industry since 2004. Our primary Internet objective is to continue to build brand identity, awareness, and interest in the organization and the services it provides. We provide creative solutions to clients, creating things that get attention and meaningful.

We understand and value the effort you’ve placed to build your business. We offer professional quality service at affordable prices so that you can focus on the success of your business while we take care of the web and design part of it.

Our Vision

  • Maximize web-based technologies
  • Build member loyalty and enhance customer relationships
  • Improve program delivery and service
  • Provide focused web-based solutions
  • Make full use of Social Media for marketing

Our Specific Strategies

  • Present comprehensive information and resources in an easy to use format
  • Integrate brand messaging
  • Deliver a consistent image
  • Deliver a scalable, maintainable foundation

Our Motto

We make it easy

Design the site to deliver intuitive navigation, an improved graphical user interface, and easy-to-find content organization.

We make it happen

Reinforce our client’s brand and service leadership.

Some facts about CreativeMagic?

Let the numbers speak!

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Graphic Design